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Optical RF Links.

Broadband & Wireless amps.

RF Power Modules.

Broadcast TV, OFDM,HDTV amps.

Low Noise Amplifiers.

RF lin.repeaters Bidirectional.

PMR Power Modules.

Telecom Power amps.

Pulse Power Amplifiers.

RF power sources for ISM, Noise.

RF broadband bi-directional coupler.


 More information on how to start a project cost evaluation, or entering into initial discussions about modifications to existing products, can be found in our Quotes section.




Over 80% of RFPA's business is in customised solutions.

It is important to understand that whilst RFPA does offer a vast range of ready designed Racks and Modules, the companies main strength is in customised application specific solutions.

The core product line makes available a selection of 'building blocks' employing many different technologies that can be rapidly incorporated into products for specific applications.

Most often, during this process, it will be necessary to also intergrate protection and control systems as well as basic RF amplifiers.

RFPA has the analog and digital skills, as well as the tools and extensive test equipment necessary, to work from the ground up. Simpler product intergrations from multiple modules may not require a development fee.

Equally, RFPA runs exclusive fee based developments for customers and will discuss amortisation of development costs over small series production orders.


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