Welcome to RFPAnet Now you can know your customers have a problem before they do !




System Overview

Now you can know your customers have a problem before they do !

 RFPAnet is a comprehensive product control and monitoring system. It can be incorporated into any RFPA produced system. It offers great flexibility and customisation, allowing remote monitoring, adjustment, or both. Each RFPA client has full control over what functions are included, and how each function is implimented.

A range of embedded controllers have been designed & tailored for each possible component in any system.

For example: Power Amplifiers, Pre-Amplifier, General Systems monitoring (like security).

These controllers can operate stand alone or in groups (clusters) these Clusters then report via secure internal communications (within rack), typically RS485, to a Mini Server.

Each Mini Server has remote accessibility via a Telnet connection over Local Area Network or VPN (Virtual Private Network) and can be intergrated into a total MIB system.

VPN tunnels via internet connections give worldwide access, not just to the higher level Mini Server, but, via the cluster, deep into your product.

Individual Amplifiers can be configured and monitored even if they are buried in, and are part of, a multi-module system.

Level of access and control is configurable via a secure system of passwords and menus. These layers allow your customers to have monitoring access to vital data at one level, but prohibit any unauthorised changes by them to running parameters or system configuration. These 'engineering functions' are only accessible by you.

As well as telnet connection and monitoring each Mini Server has in-built email capability. If any cluster member detects a product problem, or failure, an Email is sent automatically to a pre-programmed distribution list.

Software Overview


 RFPAnet hardware/firmware is delivered with a telnet interface, for added functionality and 'point and click' support a client customised software development & support service is offered.

This extended software support is based around two core applications which are configured and customised for each client individually, then supplied on a 'site license' basis.


LCRwin is intended as an engineering access and setup tool. it allows mutliple telnet window access to any RFPAnet Mini Server by system site name. All monitoring and parameter adjustment functions can be actioned via the mouse.



Using a windows format standard 'tree' interface it is possible to access any part of your RFPAnet system from a PC desktop anywhere, worldwide.

Additional packages and modules are currently under development including;

  • A wide range of formats and functionality for auto monitoring,
  • Historic parameter data collection for onward transmission to integrated MIB systems
  • Graphing & Analysis.

Software support is available for most platforms; Windows, Linux & Unix.



Spec. sheets for most products are accessable via the list on our Products page, now RFPAnet can be added to them all !




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